Some days the weather just will not cooperate with getting our dogs outside to play to burn off their energy. What are some things that we can do to help dogs fight the boredom of those days? Try working on simple obedience skills or manners. Even the best trained dogs can use a short session

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The human and canine bond


Where would we be without our furry companions? The connection between dogs and people has been around for thousands of years. Although scientists and historians debate the timeline for the domestication of dogs, the bond has clearly existed for a LONG time. It is interesting to look back at the development of this relationship. At

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Mental enrichment for dogs


MENTAL ENRICHMENT FOR DOGS Many of us have active dogs who behave so much better when they are able to get out for physical exercise to burn up their energy. They are less likely to get themselves into trouble (chewing, digging in the trash etc) if they are tired from physical activities like walks or

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Nature Walks: there is more to it than meets the eye. It is more than a dog owner taking their beloved furry family member out for a stroll through the countryside or down the street; depending on where one may live. It is a mental and physical stimulation while it gives the opportunity to engage

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Pet safety tips


You love your pets. We love pets. Life can be stressful enough without our pets getting sick or hurt. For that reason, we want to remind you of some things to help keep your furry family members safe during the upcoming holiday season (and all year around). Some foods can be toxic to pets. Foods

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Diary from doggy camp


Dear diary: I hear someone coming. Oh good, it’s one of my kennel staff friends. Oooh oooh ooh. That means I get to go outside! So much fun being able to sniff and run around out in the yard. Pretty sure there were chipmunks running through the yard last night. I can smell them. Oh,

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Why Board With Us?


We provide the personal touch that most simply can not! We have 12 acres of pristine nature, an animal loving crew, and all of the attention and amenities that can give you true peace of mind while you are away! We take our guests out 4 TIMES A DAY, every day! We have many amenities

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2019 Pet Expo!!


The Pine Creek Pet Resort crews were at the 2019 Pet Expo this year and it was amazing!! Our valued groups of employees vied playfully for “best crew” we have, and enjoyed plenty of animal banter with the guests attending! Here is what a few of them had to say about it.. “It was my

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Renovations Are Underway!


We are currently renovating the puppy condo’s for your fur babies comfort! We are exchanging the bars for windows, and adding more privacy to the individual rooms.. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our loyal customers during the construction phase of renovations, but expect to have the entire resort available again by mid-March

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