Activites / Packages

 High Energy Pets

Rip N Tear – Release the zoomies, chase a ball or your own tail, and just get all that energy out! Rip N Tears are perfect for dogs of all ages and activity levels. This play session also allows your furbaby to get comfortable with the staff and their surroundings a little bit quicker.

Nature Walks – This walk is the epitome of all walks. With a half mile+ long trail and multiple things to sniff, your pup will have a blast walking in the serenity of nature. Walk fast, walk slow, sniff the daisies; it will be a new adventure every time.

Gymnastics – Jump, climb, and take on the seesaw. Gymnastics is the perfect way to allow your pup to explore their curiosity and bravery.

Sniff N Seek – We hide your dog’s favorite treats and they must sniff them out. This game is great for giving your dog a confidence boost and allowing them to indulge in their favorite snacks. A well-earned reward if you ask us.

Puzzles – An enriching amenity that challenges your pup’s ability to navigate sliders, spin cylinders, and topple over small obstacles to get their favorite snack.

Bubbles – Bubbles, balls, and biscuits make for a great time, every time. There are bacon scented bubbles to be popped and yummy biscuits to be found in the colorful pit of balls!

 Nothing But Love Type

Spoil Me – Welcome to the perfect amenity for the dogs that love, love. A 90-pound lapdog or even a 15-pound ball of fluff, they are all welcomed to get some good scratches and even a little treat just for being cute.

Cuddles – Who can go wrong with cuddles? This amenity entails warm cuddles, treats, and lots of love.

Tuck In – Just before bed, a soft touch, some calm energy, and a treat could make for your pup’s perfect night’s sleep.

Pupperazzi – Want an uplifting photo of your furbaby texted to you every day that he is away? Whether he is running, posing, or drooling, we get snapshots to show you, personally, just how much fun he is having.

Story Time – Which book will it be today? A story about fierce dragons? The ugly duckling? How about a memoir? Whatever your pup is feeling, rest assured they will enjoy being talked to and spoiled with delightful treats.

 Food Oriented

Hot Dogs
Gourmet Meals
Campfire Cookouts

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