Many of us have active dogs who behave so much better when they are able to get out for physical exercise to burn up their energy. They are less likely to get themselves into trouble (chewing, digging in the trash etc) if they are tired from physical activities like walks or playing ball outside. But what about times when it is cold or weather is harsh and your dog doesn’t want to stay outside long enough to burn off that energy? Or maybe your dog is dealing with a health issue where they are not allowed to be as physically active as they would like. In those cases, mental stimulation and enrichment may be the key to keeping your dog happy.

We have all had those times where mental activity has burned up our energy. Who hasn’t gotten tired from helping kids with homework or been exhausted after tackling bills or taxes? Brain power burns energy–the same is true for dogs.

What activities can provide mental stimulation and enrichment? There are a wide variety of options for mentally enriching our dogs’ lives. Here at Pine Creek Pet Resort, we strive to offer a selection of activities to help meet the enrichment needs of our furry guests. Many of the amenities available while boarding with us will provide stimulation for your furry family members. Nature walks here at Pine Creek offer dogs the chance to sniff all kinds of plant and wildlife that they might not experience in town. Puzzle toys (pet stores have many types available) make dogs work harder for kibble or treats than just eating out of a bowl. It can be enjoyable watching a dog engage his or her problem-solving skills to figure out how to get to that treat. We have a selection of puzzle toys on hand for working with your dog(s). An activity that we offer that many clients enjoy is called sniff n’ seek. Staff hide treats around the playtime pavilion and the dog has to track down the smell to get the reward. During bubbles, balls, and biscuits dogs have the chance to search for treats in a ball pit.

Social interactions can also be enriching for dogs. Spoil me and tuck in times allow your dog to get individual attention and loving from staff members. Scratches and belly rubs can really help dogs to relax. Storytime is also available for dogs. A staff member will read a short story to your dog. This provides both social and auditory stimulation for the dog and can also help reduce stress.


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