Some days the weather just will not cooperate with getting our dogs outside to play to burn off their energy. What are some things that we can do to help dogs fight the boredom of those days?

Try working on simple obedience skills or manners. Even the best trained dogs can use a short session to refresh their skills. This also gives you time to work together and form a stronger bond with your dog.

An indoor game of fetch may be good for your dog However choose carefully based on the room available, size and energy of your dog, and presence of neighbors. My dog loves to chase toys that have been tossed for him. However, it was not a game that we would play when our downstairs neighbors were home–they would not have enjoyed listening to a 65-pound lab mix running and jumping over their heads. Using softer toys avoided the danger of a ball bouncing and breaking something in the living room.

Some dogs love a good game of tug. There are many varieties of tug toys available. Choose one that is appropriate for your dog’s size and strength.

If enough space is available, you can set up an obstacle course for your dog. Have a bunch of boxes from ordering online? Maybe you can convert them into tunnels for your dog to go through. Or use them as obstacles for you dog to run around.

Bubbles! Some dogs absolutely love to chase and pop bubbles. There are even bacon-scented or peanut butter flavored bubbles that you can buy to really attract your dog’s attention. Just be careful of the surface so that it does not get slippery for you and your furry companion.

There are balls that will wobble, roll, and or make noises like laughter. I have watched a border collie “herd” one of these balls around a room for several minutes. Definitely his favorite indoor toy. Keep in mind, some dogs might be nervous about a ball that moves on its own.