Dear diary:

I hear someone coming. Oh good, it’s one of my kennel staff friends. Oooh oooh ooh. That means I get to go outside! So much fun being able to sniff and run around out in the yard. Pretty sure there were chipmunks running through the yard last night. I can smell them. Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. I need to go potty. My friend is back. That means breakfast! I love my breakfast. So glad my mom packed my favorite food. Mmmmmm, that was yummy. Ok, time for a bit of a nap. My blanket is so comfortable and I love curling up with my favorite stuffed animal.

Here comes my staff friend again. And look, she has a leash! Time for my nature walk. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my walks in the woods. Lots of neat smells. There is the big rock I like to climb on to get my picture taken. Big smile! Think I smelled some rabbits. Oh look, there is a deer over there. I think it’s fun to cross the bridge over the creek. More cool smells. This is sooo fun! Getting tired though. Oh good. I can go back in and take another nap.

That was a good nap. Oh good, time to go outside in the yard again. Now I can sniff and find out about other dogs who have played in the yard this morning. It is nice to have the yard to myself so I can sniff everything. Back inside. One of my favorite treats—yummy!

Here comes another one of my staff friends. I have so many friends here at doggy camp. It’s almost embarrassing how much they tell me I am a good dog and such a cutie. Who am I kidding, I LOVE to hear it!

Time for dinner? Hurray, I love my dinner. Some time to relax and cuddle with my stuffed animal again. Potty break time again. More sniffing for me!

Woo hoo, going outside for play time. Wonder what else my human signed me up to do. The pavilion. Hurray! I love climbing, going through the tunnel, and jumping into the ball pit.   Back inside after a good round of play. Another treat for being such a good dog. Yum!

I see my staff friend cleaning up a room where another dog has gone home today. They work so hard to keep things nice and clean for us. We’ve got those humans well trained.

Oooh, my friend is coming into my room with me. Belly rubs! So excited, I can’t help but crawl up on her lap and give her lots of kisses.

Dark outside. Must be getting close to bedtime. One more time to go out in the yard for the day. Have to sniff and run around some more. Ok, time to go in. Curling up on my blanket for the night. What a fun day. I am sure tomorrow will have more love and fun in store for me.  

*Inspired by our furry guests who are signed up for extra amenities.