Nature Walks: there is more to it than meets the eye. It is more than a dog owner taking their beloved furry family member out for a stroll through the countryside or down the street; depending on where one may live. It is a mental and physical stimulation while it gives the opportunity to engage in socialization for the dogs. Researchers have conducted studies that show walking reduces stress and lowers blood pressure while keeping the owner and their furry friend happy. At the Pine Creek Pet Resort, we offer a unique experience, a side of Nature Walks and a Smile Training Walk. A Nature Walk allows a dog to sniff all the scents the forest offers, explore somewhere new and allow a decrease in stress. A Smile Training Walk offers the basic exercise of simply walking a dog but with the presence of a smile. When a dog walks politely; does not pull on leash, walks beside owner; the energy from parent to dog is matched and one can end their walk with a smile. A training exercise to try at home is to take your dog for a walk and when you are finished, make sure your dog is looking at you, smile. Smiling has an instantly relaxing effect on not just yourself, but your furry friend as well. The Smile Training does not have to be used only for walking, it is a reinforcer, it can be used during playtime. Smile training practices the energy match, it allows for a happier household when everyone is calm and relaxed and truly at their best.