Pine Creek Pet Resort is dedicated to providing the utmost service and quality of care for our temporary furry family. As such, we believe that knowledge is power, and we are constantly striving to educate ourselves, our staff and our interested clients. Below are some great educational references along with links to local area businesses.

Dr. Ronald D. Schultz, PhD, Diplomate ACVIM
Reading interviews with Dr. Schultz helped to lead us along a new journey of decision making for the health of our personal furry family members.

Dr. Schultz, who earned his PhD at Pennsylvania State University in 1970, has published many articles over the years pertaining specifically to immunology, virology, and pathogenesis of infectious disease. Currently retired, he was a professor and founding chair of the Department of Pathobiological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. He has dedicated more than 40 years of his career in the field of immunology studying animal vaccines, making him one of the leading experts in the country on viral diseases as well as vaccinations. His extensive work is an accumulation of decades of study, research, and tests. Dr. Schultz participates in what is known as the Rabies Challenge, a project to assess the duration of immunity and safety of current rabies vaccines for animals

Dr. W. Jean Dodds, DVM
Dr. W. Jean Dodds, DVM graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1964 and for over 50 years has dedicated herself to veterinary clinical research.

As a holistic vet, she actively participates in the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) and the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation. She began Hemopet in 1986, the first non-profit national animal blood bank. Hemopet provides canine blood components and related services; adopting retired Greyhound blood donors as companions, and the Hemolife diagnostic division focuses on hematology and blood banking, immunology, endocrinology, nutrition and holistic medicine. Based on her research, she provides a vaccination protocol on her website with a guideline for dogs where minimal vaccination is desired or advisable. She is also currently a Co- Trustee of the Rabies Challenge Fund.

Dr. Karen Becker, DVM
We learn so much by reading the articles and interviews posted by Dr. Becker. Acquiring this knowledge has greatly expanded the options available in the interest of the health of our family pets. 

Dr. Karen Becker, DVM attended Iowa State School of Veterinary Medicine where she received her degree in veterinary medicine and went on to complete exotic animal internships in California and at the Berlin Zoo, Germany. Dr. Becker is certified in animal acupuncture, homeopathy, and physical therapy for pets and has founded multiple animal hospitals and clinics since 1999. She lectures internationally and has created an online video archive with hundreds of informational videos for the public along with a Healthypets Daily Newsletter. “Karen Shaw Becker is the most followed veterinarian in the world, and for good reason. Dr. Becker believes in a deliberate, common sense approach to creating and maintaining vibrant health for companion animals and an unconventional, integrative approach to addressing disease and re-establishing wellbeing in ill pets.”

Dr. Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PhD
Dr Pitcairn offers veterinarians a professional course in veterinary homeopathy. We like to believe that most veterinarians generally pursue pet medicine for the love of pets. Veterinary homeopathy offers more tools that lead to and can sometimes restore the road to health as other options fail.

Dr. Pitcairn, DVM received his degree from veterinary school at the University of California, Davis and his Ph.D. in veterinary microbiology and immunology from Washington State University. With a countless number of accolades and accomplishments, Dr. Pitcairn founded the veterinary practice, Animal Natural Health Center, in 1986 as a clinical and teaching center in Oregon for the understanding and use of homeopathic medicine in the treatment of disease. By researching factors affecting natural resistance to disease, he understood the importance of optimal nutrition and the effect of nutrition on immunity, so he focused on learning and using homeopathic medicine along with nutritional therapy for animals. Dr. Pitcairn is now retired from practice, but he continues to consult with homeopathic veterinarians and is active in teaching and writing about homeopathy and healing.

Vaccine Titer Testing
American Animal Hospital Association explains how to read a titer test and determine if re- vaccination for CDV, CPV and CAV2 is necessary.

Essential Oils and Pets
Essential oils are a powerful tool in the road to health. Pets are particularly sensitive to oils. We strongly recommend using them around your pets only after doing research with trusted professionals

Young Living
Young Living is considered the foremost authority on essential oils. They have extensive experience from cultivation to distillation (seed to seal) using environmentally conscious methods. Oils are therapeudic grade and specifically for animals

Dr. Melissa Shelton, DVM
“Dr. Melissa Shelton is an internationally recognized holistic veterinarian, and owner of Crow River Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic, who specializes in using medical grade essential oils for complete and natural care of all animals.

She loves to share her knowledge of essential oils and their uses in animal care so much that she developed her own animal oils line, animalEO. Through teaching and writing, she has reached countless people worldwide. She has her own

Facebook page and Twitter account, where you can follow her findings, see what’s new, and even ask your own questions that she will reply to!

Dogs Naturally Magazine
Geared toward the health of all of our beloved pets, we have found a lot of interesting information in Dogs Naturally Magazine online. Dogs Naturally is an online magazine where you can find information on natural dog health and nutrition, vaccinations, remedies, health conditions, and general information about what to expect in a life with dogs! It features articles on all kinds of dog related topics, including articles from the above-mentioned veterinarians and clinicians.

Veterinary Chiropractic – Local 

Dr. Mary Walters- Chiropractic Specialist (570)-288-9444 

I’ve taken my Cleo (Great Pyrenees) to see Dr. Walters for chiropractic and cold laser treatments. I found Dr. Walters to be knowledgeable and good with animals. Cleo found relief starting with the first treatment. Cold laser and chiropractic are wonderful non-invasive treatments available for our pets! 

Dr. Walters is a Chiropractic Specialist with over 30 years of experience who is located on the Ave in Kingston, PA.

Like the feel of a book in your hands to read?

Listed below are a couple of good reads (amongst many) that help with understanding our pets, their health and how to effectively communicate with them.

Pukka’s Promise: The Quest For Longer-Lived Dogs by Ted Kerasote This book is packed with helpful information about dogs; longevity, vaccination, pet food. A good read worth the time and effort.

A Complete Guide to Natural Heal For Dogs And Cats by Dr Pitcairn DVM, PhD This book is packed with helpful information about dogs; longevity, vaccination, pet food. In addition Dr Pitcairn’s website

Smile! And other practical life lessons your DOGS can teach you  (while you are training them) by Lynne Swanson, DVM

George and I met Dr Swanson at a professional trade show. She seemed knowledgable, personable and projected a calm demeanor. I purchased her book and after only a few chapters had to purchase it for our staff. Packed with valuable insight for those of us who live with our beloved canines, and an invaluable tool in our ongoing education here at Pine Creek Pet Resort.

Local Trainers

Mary’s Hand That Feeds School for Dogs- Mary Perrego We know Mary and many people who partake in her services. We love that Mary loves to keep learning and that she offers positive methods of training for both you and your dog! Mary Perrego offers a variety of training services for your dog at reasonable prices. She offers puppy classes, certification courses, continuing education for the older pups, therapy dog training, service dog coaching and emotional support dog training. If your dog has any behavioral problems, she can help!

For Severe Behaviorial Issues 

Check with a holistic veterinarian regarding vaccinosis.

University of Pennsylvania:

Cornell University :

Dr Ilana Reisner in Media Pa:

Links for information on a Species Appropriate Diet 

Understanding the Digestive System of a Dog in order to better feed them

Local Services

Ricketts Glen Hotel

Want to take a ride and enjoy the natural beauty of our area? Why not top off your day with a delicious dinner at Ricketts Glen Hotel – but remember to make reservations to ensure a table. 

Ricketts Glen Hotel features charming, rustic lodging, with the beauty of Ricketts Glen State Park only a mile west from them. They also offer a wonderful casual dining experience for anyone who wants to stop in, friends and travelers alike. Amazing meals, cooked from scratch, for a reasonable price!

Trail’s End Restaurant 
An ideal place to stop for breakfast or lunch, or on Fridays all you can eat fish. We love their fish dinners and to see Rose at her best making everyone laugh! 

Located on SR 118 in Sweet Valley, this restaurant offers a variety of delicious food and drink. They offer good home cooking for a great price, especially when you need some fuel before or after exploring Ricketts Glen State Park

Red Rock Corner Store
Located on SR118 at the bottom of Red Rock Mountain [ Rt 487], If you like hoagies try them out, locals love them! 

Established in 1990, Red Rock Corner Store offers a variety of grocery products, merchandise, as well as camping and fishing gear.

Bakery Delight
All of us here at Pine Creek Pet Resort have had our taste buds jump with delight at the sweet treats and breads the fine folks at Bakery Delight have to offer! Since 1980, Bakery Delight has been making and baking delicious and beautiful cakes and pastries all from scratch, decorated by them. They create amazing wedding and birthday cakes, put together beautiful party trays and baskets, and offer other baked goods like fresh bread, rolls, and bagels.

A cool gift shopand more run by awesome people. Stop by and you might get to see Lucy. 

Jaime Flack began Rustique in 2014 and after three years expanded her business, along with her husband Richard Eckman, to where they are now in Forty Fort. They offer unique home decor, antiques, custom furniture, gifts, refinished furniture, as well as Annie Sloan products. They will gladly help you with any project you may be working on, and help you design the perfect space in your home!

Red Rock Mountain Campground
Red Rock Mountain Campground is a 22-acre, family owned campground. They are the closest private campground to Ricketts Glen State Park and offer tent sites, cabins, and RV hook-ups. They also have an antique flea market on the grounds open during the summer months.

Springhouse Shop and Studio, Inc
High end custom cabinetry and furniture of heirloom quality. Adam uses sustainably harvested in Pennsylvania. Give him a call for the specialty you seek.

Nicole Karr Photography
Call Nicole to discuss your photography needs including weddings, portraits, seniors and interiors.

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