Our Staff

George & Karen Scarince – Creators and Owner

George and I are animal lovers, you know the kind I mean, the ones who sometimes just can’t comprehend how much love these furry creatures invoke, despite the fact that was your new iPhone they just ate? That’s us, except we went to one more extreme, in 2000 we decided to change our lifestyle, take a chance on ourselves and these wonderful furry creatures.

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We took the time to decide how we wanted the facility to look, feel and operate based on what we wanted for our own dogs. Requirements included safey, a great basic schedule, a brightly lit, enriching atmosphere and using natural methods of cleaning without harsh chemicals. 

Skills acquired over the years and our love of dogs shaped the exercise plan, a variety of amenities and the policies of a Pet Resort – not a kennel – including the vaccination requirements that are in effect today. 

We believe in a natural approach to health, continuing education and creating win-win situations. We strive to create lasting enriching relationships with both our guests and clients. 

Our goals for our guests are to instill confidence while their family is away. It truly makes our day when they become seasoned professionals who run in our door! 

Now 20 years later, we are a Pet Resort with extensive experience, licensed, insured, and inspected. We are also extremely happy with our current staff of true dog people with positive attitudes!! 

We invite you give us a call and we will set up a tour to come see for yourself and for your furry family! 

We are honored to be chosen to care for your furry family!

Pine Creek Pet Resort Senior Staff:

Edye Ribble

Edye worked as the lead front end supervisor at Giant Foods in Bloomsburg for 28 years. Wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and dog mom to Bruce, a 10 year old rescued boxer, and Hazel, a 1 year old rescued Jack Russel hound mix. “I love working at Pine Creek. Karen and George are very caring, 100% dog people!! It’s so much fun to interact with all of the dogs and their people. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to enrich my retirement.”

Emily Buerger

Emily has been here for close to 5 and a half years! She started here when she started college at Misericordia University and has since graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Sport Management. She has fortunately always grown up with a dog and several other animals, from hamsters to horses, thanks to her older siblings. 

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Emily loves spending time with family and friends and playing soccer/frisbee with her 7 y/o giant lab mix, Sampson. She enjoys traveling, hiking, and going to Colorado to see her niece and nephew! “This has been the best part time job to have because of how flexible and understanding Karen is about all the things that occur in our lives. My favorite part about working here is building relationships with our furry friends and seeing how excited they get the next time they come visit!” 

Deb Catherman

Before getting involved in working with animals, Deb was a teacher. She spent 10 years teaching at a business school. During that time, she completed her Master’s Degree in Adult Education. And yes, she is one of those odd people who actually enjoys math. In 2012, after one of her dogs passed away, Deb started volunteering at the no-kill dog shelter where she had adopted that dog.

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While volunteering there, she met and adopted a lab/hound mix named Red. Starting in the summer of 2015, she left teaching and began working at a doggy daycare. For 4 years, she worked at the PSPCA with dogs, cats, horses and other barn animals. While at the SPCA she met and fell in love with a previously untouchable horse named Mike. Thanks to an amazing horse trainer and friend, Deb is now the proud mom to Mikey. In addition to being a “rescue mom”, Deb is the crazy aunt to an amazing niece. Some weekends she gets a break from all the dog and horse hair and attends her niece’s dance competitions. “After spending years volunteering and working in animal rescue, it is so rewarding and fun working with dogs who are so happy with their families.” 

Lesley Cuminale

Lesley began as a volunteer at a local shelter until they hired her as an adoption counselor, 14 years ago. Since then, she has worked in various animal care settings, from privately owned boarding facilities to corporate animal rescues, the Seeing Eye, as well as vet hospitals. 

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At her last position, Lesley quickly achieved her goal of becoming kennel manager at the vet hospital within a few months. She is knowledgeable in dog/cat CPR! Lesley was born right outside of New Orleans, LA in a town called Metairie. She was raised in Morris County, NJ and just moved out to PA to begin the next chapter in life! “I have had a dog by my side since the day I was born. My family has always had shelties, and after attending an adoption event, we got Charlie Brown, a Chihuahua mix. I love going for walks in the woods, I love all wildlife and nature, and spending time with my loved ones. My favorite thing about working here is that you’re not just working, you’re learning at the same time.”

Christy Tucker

Christy has been grooming dogs since 2008, when she attended the PA Academy of Pet Grooming. She has owned and operated a grooming salon for 10 years outside of Benton, PA. Christy also attended Penn Foster online and received her certificate in the position of Veterinary Assistant.

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She has always loved working with dogs, cows, chickens- pretty much any animal her entire life! For 7 years before coming to Pine Creek, Christy worked on her husband’s family dairy farm caring for cows and calves along with grooming when she wasn’t at the farm. Now, Christy is a wife and mom of 2 boys, 3 furry dogs (Kye, Roxy, LeLu), 2 bunnies (Jack & Diane), 4 ducks, and 14 chickens! “I love surrounding myself with all the critters! I made the move to Pine Creek Pet Resort and took a chance on a new chapter, so I could work with a team of animal lovers. My favorite part about working here is to be able to come to work and be with the dogs. Meeting so many different breeds of dogs, personalities, and watching them grow is the best part!” 

PCPR Support Staff:

Abigail Zielecki, Ava Burmeister, Brenna Babcock, Jaclynn Hess, Reagan Harrison