Pine Creek Pet Resort Team

George & Karen Scarince

Creators and Owner

George and I are animal lovers, you know the kind I mean, the ones who sometimes just can’t comprehend how much love these furry creatures invoke, despite the fact that was your new iPhone they just ate? That’s us, except we went to one more extreme, in 2000 we decided to change our lifestyle, take a chance on ourselves and these wonderful furry creatures.

Edye Ribble

Edye worked as the lead front end supervisor at Giant Foods in Bloomsburg for 28 years. Wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and dog mom to Bruce, a 10 year old rescued boxer, and Hazel, a 1 year old rescued Jack Russel hound mix. “I love working at Pine Creek. Karen and George are very caring, 100% dog people!! It’s so much fun to interact with all of the dogs and their people. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to enrich my retirement.”

Deb Catherman

Before getting involved in working with animals, Deb was a teacher. She spent 10 years teaching at a business school. During that time, she completed her Master’s Degree in Adult Education. And yes, she is one of those odd people who actually enjoys math. In 2012, after one of her dogs passed away, Deb started volunteering at the no-kill dog shelter where she had adopted that dog.

Marissa Linko

Christy has been grooming dogs since 2008, when she attended the PA Academy of Pet Grooming. She has owned and operated a grooming salon for 10 years outside of Benton, PA. Christy also attended Penn Foster online and received her certificate in the position of Veterinary Assistant.

Also Including the Pine Creek Pet Resort Support Staff:

Multiple hard working animal lovers serve as support staff.

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