Vaccination Policy

All pets must be up to date on vaccinations in conjunction with what you and your veterinarian agree is best for your pet, along with state and federal laws.

There is a possibility that certain vaccines can cause a limited contagious reaction. In order to protect all of our lodging members from the possibility of exposure we ask that vaccinations be completed 30 days before boarding.

Please call your Veterinarian to schedule any updates 8 weeks or so in advance of your vacation. This should allow for a timely appointment to update vaccines 4 weeks in advance of your pets vacation stay.

In the event you do not have enough lead time please call us at 570 864 3189. Some vaccines can be given in a shorter time span and if not other arrangements may be possible to accommodate your pets stay.


Regarding vaccination we believe;

  1. Individual vaccines should be chosen carefully based on the specific pet-not to be determined by the facility that boards your pet, beyond minimums.
  2. We as a pet care facility have a responsibility to all of our guests within.
  3. Modified live and antigen vaccines (aka: bordatella, distemper, parainfluenza) have the ability to reproduce what the host is being vaccinated for, for up to 7 weeks.
    [ ref; Dr. Ronald Schultz, Immunologist with 40 years experience in pet vaccines]
  4. The Bordetella vaccine cannot completely prevent the canine cold which can be comprised of a cocktail of 40 or so viruses and/or bacterium, the vaccine cannot encompass all
    [ ref; Dr. Ronald Schultz]
  5. Bordetella is often given within days or a few weeks of boarding, increasing the odds of exposing a contagious canine cold to all of our boarding guests. Therefore, it is optional at our facility.
    [ Ref; 19 years of experience and observation boarding pets]

Requirements for vaccination to board with us at Pine Creek Kennels Pet Resort;

All modified live or antigens should ideally be administered two months before boarding, though we can work with a shorter window. Please call for information.

Rabies as per federal law for both dogs and cats

Canine Core vaccinations; parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis and rabies according to what you & your veterinarian decide is appropriate for your pet,

~ OR ~

Canine core vaccines at 16 weeks, a titer 2 months later and titer every three years thereafter.

Feline Core vaccinations; herpesvirus1 (FHV1), calicivirus (FCV), panleukopenia (FPV) and leukemia virus (Fe-LV)for kittens on a schedule according to what you & your veterinarian decide is appropriate for your pet.